My Photo Text Project

This past week in class has been spent on a difficult, time consuming, but very entertaining project called “Photo Text”. In it we used a picture of ourselves and wrote our names over it, in a color that matched our skin color, hair color, lips, or eyes. We used Photoshop and several different fonts, sizes and effects to make our pictures more lifelike. Specifically for my project, I used text sizes 2-8, and several different colors. The main technique I used was one called “text warp”. I used it to create the arches on the neck, chin and top of head, as well as the lips, eyebrows and sides of the nose. For the hair, I used the text warp tool, set to “flag” that made it look more wavy. Finally on the nose and eyes I used the bulge effect. One challenge I faced was with the pen tool, you can see that I used it for a time on the left side of the face, but once I got to the chin it began to make angled lines and became more difficult to use. Also, when I attempted to click and edit one group of words, it would select another. Through this project, I learned a huge amount of new facts and effects on Photoshop which will help me throughout this year and maybe the next few years of high school, if I make it into MAD.








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